Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Lee, Ivan P., Sebastian Jilke, and Oliver James. 2020. Do More Options Always Benefit the Users of Public Services? An Experimental Study of School Choice, Performance and Satisfaction. Public Administration Review. [Link]
  • Hamidullah, Madinah F., Norma M. Riccucci, and Ivan P. Lee. 2020. Citizens’ Perceptions of Closing the Gender Pay Gap: An Experimental Study. Public Management Review. [Link]
  • Walker, Richard M., Dannii Yuen-lan Yeung, M. Jin Lee, and Ivan P. Lee. 2020. Assessing Information-based Policy Tools: An Eye-Tracking Laboratory Experiment on Public Information Posters. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis. [Link]
  • Lee, Ivan P., and Richard M. Walker. 2019. Does Source Credibility Matter for Point-of-Decision Prompts? A Quasi-Experimental Field Study to Increase Stair Use. PLOS ONE 14(11): e0225520. [Link]


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